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Robot Tik

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Who is robot Tik?

A true innovation in the world of robotics, Robot Tik is a robot designed and built in France. Approximately 1m55 in height, Robot Tik has a distinguishing appearance.  He has become an expert in hosting your events. He sees people speaking to him and can function without prior programming.


Thanks to his integrated tray, his autonomy and his dexterity, our robot can present your products and media of communication during your events and can serve your guests during cocktails.

Robot Tik, at your service

Robot Tik, moves in an autonomous manner. His infrared sensors allow him to detect any obstacles. As a result, he can also be controlled via his tablet, Bluetooth or the Internet, anywhere in the world. Which allows him to operate as a server, completely independently.


During your events, Robot Tik acts as a server among your guests by passing around his tray loaded with food, sweets or other good things to eat. He will take everyone by surprise, professionals as much as children.

He will won’t stop until he is sure that your brochures are well distributed during a trade show, he has run the entertainment in a commercial gallery or stand, while providing you with a technological image, within a controlled budget. You won’t have long to wait for your audience’s reaction: try us out!


Our robot will astonish your customers during your professional and event evenings!


Do not wait any longer, contact us now for your next event.

presentation globale du robot tik

Specifications of Robot Tik

icone deplacement

I move

Robot Tik moves and adapts to whatever space he is in

icone cocktails

I serve during cocktails

Robot Tik is able to serve your guests during cocktails thanks to his tray

puremotion presentation robot tik
icone autonome

I am autonomous

Robot Tik functions autonomously and without programming

icone presentation plaquette

I present your brochures and your products

Robot Tik becomes the ambassador of your brand in front of your stand

Create your event with an innovative robot

robot tik - événement et stand


Seeing and hearing your visitors allows Robot Tik to create the event while you participate in professional events. This allows him to highlight your products or commercial brochures on his tray. In addition, his integrated functionality allows him to adapt to the space in hand, in front of your stand.

visuel robot tik. brand


Make a difference and spark interest during cocktails! Robot Tik is the robot that you need! He has a tray allowing him to transport objects and is able to move about freely. He is therefore the perfect server for your next cocktail party.

Are you interested in our robot? Book him now!

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