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Led wall

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LED wall & interaction

The LED wall is a diode image wall for displaying images, colours, advertisements, etc. This technology which until recently was only used by professional entertainers, allows you to now display information to your customers, your guests, etc. Very bright, LED walls have a strong impact on the public.


They can be used in many ways, for example, as shop window decoration, information dissemination for the public or to decorate private places.


These LED walls are composed of LED tiles assembled together to form a wall. The surface can therefore be adapted to suit your needs. They are then controlled by a video processor and can broadcast anything you want.

At what type of event can you use an LED wall ?

The most common reason the wall is selected is so that your guests can post pictures, messages, etc., directly from their phone.


You will be given an interface and after a few clicks your guests will be able to access the LED wall. This is perfect for creating a friendly and interactive atmosphere (during a working seminar, for a company evening, etc.)


You can also, and more simply, use this wall to broadcast advertising messages or photos of your products, but also show PowerPoints or reports during a seminar for example.


It is also possible to broadcast music and images to create that special atmosphere for your event. The possibilities are nearly endless!


Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your event with us and together we will look at how we can organise a high quality event for you using the wall.

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